Hybrid lifestyle


SS22 functional formalwear design and development.


In our London Design studio we are keen to assess social behaviours as well as keeping abreast of the latest fashion trends so that we can confidently inform our clients and teams how lifestyle demands are affecting retail and customer purchases.



SS22 hybrid utility coat design and development.


During these unprecedented times, there has been a massive requirement to reset, forcing brands to rethink and reshape their collections. Maximising wearability has become paramount as consumers look for hardworking multi-functional wardrobe purchases which simultaneously increases sustainability and longevity.



SS22 hybrid bomber jacket design and development.


As we transition between flexible working, living and social environments, comfort and ease of wear, multi functional items have become essential wardrobe staples. With this in mind, examining future needs and mindsets predicts that a fascination for functionality will continue, where athleisure and formal items merge and hybrid styles evolve, offering contemporary functional formalwear with sports elements. Utility styling, cargo pockets, drawstring and elasticated features combine with fluid fabrics and fresh pastels to create the modern utilitarian work-leisure wardrobe.



SS22 functional formalwear design and development.