27 million woven and 2.5 million knitted units produced per annum across our 5 ethically run manufacturing units.

FCI facilities 110321 12

FCI facilities 110321 12

Socially & environmentally responsible factories

Labour rights and good working conditions are part of the special Export Processing Zone regulations in Bangladesh. FCI is recognised for its excellent employee benefits. These include:

  • Attendance Bonus
  • Production Incentive
  • Recognition Bonus
  • Best Performance Award
  • Maternity leave extended to 20 weeks compared to 12 weeks statutory
  • Full payment at the time of leaving of maternity leave
  • Additional Nutritional needs of pregnant staff
  • Educational Stipends for staff children
  • Access to Welfare Fund
Sustainability and compliance
FCI facilities 110321 3

FCI facilities 110321 3

Advanced manufacturing technology

750,000 square feet of dedicated production facilities. Breakdown by facility Talisman 200,000 sq ft, FCI 220,000 – other facilities details to follow. Based exclusively in the export processing zone, the facilities benefit from special governance that provide protection for workers, regulation to ensure salary increments and health and safety but also ensure continuity of work and reliability in the production process.

FCI design small

FCI design small

International design & innovation studios

Our London and Bangladesh design studios house an international team of designers. We work to the latest trend forecasts to deliver premium essentials, seasonal collections and uniquely customised products for our clients. The door of these studios are open to our clients to encourage a collaborative creative process.

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    The value of caring across our organisation makes for a happy and productive workforce. We believe that humanity is the real legacy and achievement of any of our given lifetimes and embed this into all of our practices.

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    Respect and gratitude. The impact of climate change and use of finite resources affects all of us. We are proactive in our approach to the challenges of minimising the use of scarce resources and finding sustainable alternatives.

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    We are passionate about product. Our UK / Bangladesh connection is key to our ability to meet the needs of a global customer base and is underpinned by advanced production capabilities and an uncompromising focus on quality.