Escapism and reconnecting with nature


Catwalk trends showing nature inspired prints.


There has been a massive lifestyle trend to reconnect with nature for wellbeing and mental health, the great outdoors providing vital inspiration for improving our mood and uplifting our spirits. Currently we are seeing that fashion and nature has never been more connected as we seek out flora and fauna inspired prints whilst consciously sourcing fabrics with the least environmental impact.


Designers have explored new vistas both near and far in search of creating uplifting prints, recreating the physical world within reach and also exploring far off destinations to reignite nostalgic memories from far reaching shores, appealing to our need to reconnect with travel, joy and exploration.



Sea life imagery adds a welcome twist to nautical themes.


As seen on various catwalk collections, injections of beach and sea life imagery has been a welcome twist to refresh the classic Breton nautical theme. Whether historical botanically inspired or Matisse influenced collages, sea life, shells and mermaids have been transported into the latest mood-boosting collections that evoke a sense of seaside adventure and joyous escape. After collating the trends we collaborate closely with our mills to source and interpret print designs whilst also considering the best base fabrics and compositions that can be promoted to our customers as sustainable and ethically sourced.

Our Sea Life Explorer story’s feel good imagery lends itself perfectly to any occasion contemporary separates whilst casual holiday shop collections whisk you away to far off shores and beyond



Contemporary any occasion dresses, co-ordinated sets and holiday shop developments.